See Ya Soon!

ImageThis past week might be the best week I’ve had this summer, but it came with a bad side. I had a wonderful dinner at The Cabin Club in Westlake, OH on Thursday, August 8th with a group of people that became some of my best friends. This wasn’t just one of our ordinary get-togethers that we always had, it was special.

This group of friends was mostly resent high school graduates who were getting ready to go their separate ways from the people they saw Monday through Friday during each school year. For this reason, our last full get-together or “meetings” as we called them had to be at a special place like The Cabin Club. We dressed up in our Sunday best and met at this fine establishment and got ready for the beginning of the end of our summer together.

Finally, everyone arrived (some late as usual) for the dinner. We ate expensive food, laughed, and shared good times with good company, but we knew that our time together would end. After the dinner we drove ourselves to Crocker Park in Westlake to get cheesecake at where else, but The Cheesecake Factory. After the cheesecake was purchased we walked across the street to take a full group photo, so we could remember the night, in the future. We then drove to our friend Emerson’s house, who was no doubt the nucleus of the group, to reminisce about other times, both good and bad.

As midnight came and went I knew that I had to leave for the night. To those that I would not see again until December, I shook their hands and wished them luck. And, as I drove away I realized that this was not a goodbye, but a see ya soon sort of deal. These people weren’t leaving forever; they’re just entering into a new chapter in life. My senior year will be quite different. The people that made me laugh and smile will not be there, but I’ll have something to look forward to when they return in the winter. So, see ya soon guys!

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