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I promised I would include some insight/advice on Men’s fashion, and although I am no expert, I can guarantee any man out there that if you mimic the style of Alonso Mateo, you will be the most stylish man at work, at parties, and in the streets.  You may be asking yourself, “Who is Alonso Mateo?”  He is in fact a five-year-old Instagram megastar/fashion prodigy.  Read the story here:

Although it may seem that this tiny trendsetter is some sort of scoped out model or at least the child of some famous celebrities, he isn’t! Raised by a freelance stylist mom and a CEO father, he isn’t famous, but he definitely has the means to attain a plethora of tailored suits and designer clothing that scream “I paid more for this item of clothing than you do for your monthly rent,”  Although the average male may not be able to afford these designer brands, I do think this five-year-old is insanely innovative and can really inspire other men on how to dress.  Don’t be ashamed that you’re taking wardrobe advice from a five-year-old, this kid has more “swagger” than most A-list celebrities we see on the streets. According to his mom (follow her on Instagram @luisafere), she takes her son to stores such as  Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Nordstrom, H&M, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, and even Target.  Those first few may be totally out-of-budget, but Nordstrom, H&M, and Target are great stores for men’s apparel that have killer sales where you can obtain fashionable pieces on the average budget.   The mom also makes a great point in saying, “As long as it’s nice quality, I’ll take it,”  You don’t have to shop at Dior or Gucci to get great quality, there are plenty of other stores out there that offer great quality clothes in similar styles for better prices.  Some of my favorite stores for men include the above plus J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s (you can often find designer brands here for super cheap).

From now on, I think if you ever question your style on any given day you should think “What would Alonso Mateo wear?” take a glance at his mom’s Instagram to see what he in fact is wearing that day, then mimic the crap out of it.  However, if that is not plausible for you on said day, I will offer this minimal advice:  If all else fails, just wear a suit and interesting socks.  I’m just kidding, actually I’m not, a suit should be any man’s go-to but if that is also not a reality and you fear being scoffed at by badly dressed American youth, just wear whatever you feel confident in and wear it with a smile!  Some of my favorite men’s looks happen to be fairly simple:   a pair of fitted jeans, a loose cotton tee, and a nice pair of loafers or sneakers (I think men overlook how crucial a nice pair of shoes is to any outfit).  With a nice but minimal collection of cotton t-shirts, plaid (or any pattern) shirts, sweaters, v-necks, button-up dress shirts, corduroys, jeans, khakis, loafers, sneakers, and cool socks (check out Marshall’s line of Happy Socks, originally sold at J.Crew but at a fraction of the cost), I think you can pull off an unlimited amount of awesome looks.   Just please follow my one cardinal rule:  DO NOT wear pants so low that I can see your boxers and you look like you have an eternal wedgie and DO NOT wear Affliction tee-shirts with a silver chain, or just Affliction tees in general, or silver chains…  Bottom line is, whatever you wear, exude confidence and you’ll look like a million bucks.

Now, feast your eyes on some of my favorite looks of this five-year-old fashion icon below and get inspired!  Happy shopping! Leave any comments and questions below.

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2 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Tips

  1. he is so cute!

    • Samiah Shakir

      Gosh, I know! I can only hope my future child can be this stylish one day!

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