Technology at the National Scout Jamboree

As I’m starting this article, I’m less than 8 hours away from boarding the bus to embark on the trip with my Jambo troop to go to the brand new facility in West Virginia, the Bechtel Family Summit. I’m very curious to see what differences they’ll be between this year’s Jamboree (2013) and the last Jamboree (2010), located at Fort AP Hill. For starters, at Fort AP Hill, AT&T brought in many portable cell towers scattered throughout the campground. They also had many charging locations with lockers where people could charge their mobile devices. Other than that, there wasn’t much else, in terms of tech. Because the demand for power was so great, there were lines at the charging lockers, and I remember people hanging out at various shelters with power cables.

This year promises to be very techy. In addition to having a dozen cell towers for AT&T and Verizon (Sprint reportedly has little service and T-Mobile is unknown) they’ll be over 250 Wi-Fi hotspots. In addition, the LTE coverage is very good. 20Mbps down and 3.5 (VZW) and 5-7 (AT&T) Mbps up (ScoutingMagazine). There is also an app that scouts and scouters can download to get alerts, view your schedule find friends, look at a map and more (Android) (iOS) and an app to find statistics about patches (Android) (iOS) although be warned. These apps are not the most stable. Also, the patchscan app doesn’t work with my HTC One. So experiment and try it out. Also, bizarrely, they’re making everyone pay a buck for this app.

On the social media aspect, they’ll have people tweeting and Facebook-ing various things throughout the event, and they encourage attendees to do the same. Anyone attending the Jamboree? C122 right here. Hit me up.

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