Too much hype?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed the much maligned and controversial center, Andrew Bynum for a $6 million contract. In my opinion, this an excellent move for a team in that they are taking the Low risk, high reward mantra. Bynum, when healthy, is probably the second or third best center in the NBA. Getting him on the floor is the most important thing. He has chronic, maybe even degenerative knees that have hampered him throughout his career, and caused him to miss the entire season for the Philadelphia 76ers last year. Now Bynum adds a level that this growing team didn’t have before. If he remains healthy, which is questionable, how good can this team be and will they finally make the playoffs?

If all goes well the new Cavaliers should be able to make it to the playoffs. People say that this team could be a third seed in the Eastern Conference. That in my opinion is dreaming way too big for a young team that still needs to mesh together first. The East will be led by Miami, Indiana, Brooklyn, and New York to round out the top four seeds. Chicago is a very interesting team, with Derrick Rose returning I see them in the 3-5 spot. The Cavs of course should make at least a 7 seed, but I think they’re primed for that 6th seed. Assuming they stay healthy and the chemistry on and off the court is better than average, they could sneak into the 4th seed. Of course, these are all predictions and you never know, with injuries and what not, what the results will be after a grueling 82 game season.

It is really great to see Cleveland Sports teams going out and spending in the free agency, all three professional teams have had busy off-seasons unlike years past.  I’ve never seen a better off-season for these teams in terms of going out and getting the players that they want.In terms of the Cavs and Bynum, his best season came in the lockout shortened season of 2011-2012, the last season he actually played. Coached by Mike Brown he played in 60 of the possible 66 games, averaging 18.7 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game. He was selected as the starting center for the Western Conference All-Stars that year as well. This, potentially brings a “wow” factor to this team. The combo of Kyrie Irving and Bynum could be explosive if the team stays healthy. Excellent role players such as Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark bring depth to the team, and with the presence of Dion Waiters (a budding star in my opinion) and Anderson Varejao  the Cavs bolster the roster even more. Let’s also not forget the #1 pick, Anthony Bennett. The future looks bright, so why not fall into the hype?

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