World’s Largest Swimming Pool

The weather in Chile might not always be the best but that is no excuse not to visit the San Alfonso del Mar Resort. Home to the worlds largest swimming pool, a record set in 2006, the pools size is roughly 20 times an Olympic size pool. Holding over 65 million gallons of water the pools size allows for visitors to go para sailing, jet skiing, and deep-sea diving. Not only being the largest swimming pool the San Alfonso del Mar Resort also hold the title for the deepest pool (115 feet). Fortunately there are electric machines that go around replacing the water in this mini sea, just imagine having to have people drain and clean that pool! Although the weather in Chile is reminiscent of the Northern United States the summers are hot and a perfect time to get away to the San Alfonso del Mar Resort.

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3 thoughts on “World’s Largest Swimming Pool

  1. Funtechblog

    That is cool… But have you seen the world’s deepest pool? It’s totally awesome.

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