Cardok Garages

pop_up_garage_01            If you haven’t heard of Cardock Garages you might start to see more of them popping up in the near future. Based in Switzerland, Cardock seems to be taking something simple as the parking garage and redefining it into something new. Although the few that currently exist are in the UK we might expect to see them across the pond soon.

The Cardok is powered via an electro-hydraulic system to lift up the “dock” in about one minute. You might think that this gadget is power-hungry, but the amount of power used by this system is actually equal to the energy of boiling water in a tea kettle (Which is probably less than that of your current garage’s). The Cardok comes with free installation as well as a generator so that you can make the transition as smooth as possible without having to worry about losing power or tearing up your driveway. If you live in an area with heavy rains, no need to worry as a drainage system exists to prevent your car from becoming a portable fish tank (given that it still runs).

Though it doesn’t come cheap, if you are interested in getting one the base model will cost you around 61,000 dollars while the double-decked one will take 73,000 dollars out of your pocket. As space becomes more valuable in smaller countries, it becomes more practical to replace parking garages with these less monolithic structures. Perhaps we will even start to see a price drop once more companies start to produce them or if you are feeling like under taking a challenge, build one yourself!

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