Next Phase for T-Mobile


The official “uncarrier” will be launching the second part of its plan to rid the mobile industry of contracts. Back in March of 2013 T-Mobile announced that they would be getting rid of contracts and moving focus towards a non traditional approach. Phones would have to be bought outright at the time of signing or customers would pay monthly payments until the full cost of the device is reached. Naturally if one decided to cancel the plan they would have to pay the remaining amount for the phone but there would be no early termination fee. Initially folks thought that this would be a great idea, moving towards a more European system, but there were some ways T-Mobile was able to cheat customers. The so-called “unlimited data” had a limit,where you would get 500 MB of premium data but after that quota was reached the data would be tethered or slowed down. In theory you would still get the unlimited data but it wouldn’t be that fast.

In the gist of things T-Mobile plans are overall less costly than those of Sprint, Verizon, & AT&T giving the consumer a bargain for their buck but the limit on data as well as network coverage may come across as a problem. Overall the truth is that carriers try to cheat customers out of money but T-Mobile is not cheating people out of as much money, after all it is a business which needs to be profitable.

So what is next for T-Mobile? Well it seems that they will be launching part two of their plan to rid the States of contracts. From rumours it is detailed that this new phase will include a new plan where consumers will buy the phones outright and not deal with the traditional hassle associated with plans.  As T-Mobile starts to gain traction in the States, with the expansion of their network and finally getting the Apple iPhone, they might be able to squeeze themselves out of fourth place.

The fate of the carrier may also depend of the relationship between Sprint and Softbank. Earlier Softbank offered to buy take a 70% stake in Sprint for its international expansion but since Dish Network has made compelling counter offers, Softbank has prepared a Plan B to acquire T-Mobile. If the Sprint deal fails we might just see T-Mobile rise out of fourth place.

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