Are you tuned in?

After two games in Miami, the NBA Finals are tied 1 game a piece between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. Game 1 was a wire to wire finish resulting in a late, clutch Spurs’ win, while Game 2 was close for 2 and a half quarters but the Heat ultimately ended up blowing the game open in the last quarter and a half.  So here we are, in a position the NBA was yearning for. Two heavyweights going at it with a seemingly minimal difference between the two. So here’s my question to you: Are you watching?

In my estimation, the answer is a resounding yes for most but it also depends on your location. There’s no reason to talk about San Antonio or Miami because we know they’re tuned in. This series contains some very interesting story lines. Of course, you have probably the most polarizing figure in sport, LeBron James and his team trying to repeat as champions. This Miami team has been in the spotlight ever since James spurned his hometown Cleveland on a nationally televised special, “The Decision,” and joined forces with two other superstars to form a conglomerate. The Spurs have been a force to be reckoned with ever since they drafted Tim Duncan, who in my opinion is the most underrated superstar in not just basketball, but the history of Sports. Now in his 17th year, Duncan has led his teams to four championships and is in position for a fifth. The Spurs swept James’ Cavaliers team back in 2007, for their fourth championship. According to Nielsen Television ratings, The Finals continue to slump in the national t.v ratings. Many attribute this to the “Spurs’ Effect.” This phenomenon explains that the Spurs, who many think of as boring and bland, cause people not to tune in and watch them play. This has also been the case in their other Finals appearances. In my opinion, the casual NBA fan or say even a non-NBA fan would tune into this series just to see if LeBron and the Heat succeed or falter. Going back to what I said about James being the most polarizing figure in sport, I meant that you either love him or hate him, there is no “in between” as some would say. In my hometown of Cleveland, ratings have been through the roof the last two years that the Heat have been in The Finals. Many, I would say, watch to cheer against LeBron and find joy in seeing him fail after he left in not the most cordial of ways.

I’m tuned into The Finals not because I’m a fan of either team, but because I enjoy watching great basketball. And that’s what we have here, two incredibly talented and hard-working teams where so little separates them that we’re in for an amazing finish. So, why not tune in? Please tell us if you are or not and leave a  comment below explaining your decision. We’d love to hear from you! : 

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