WWDC Expectations and Predictions

Tomorrow, Monday the 10th of June in ye year 2013, is a big day. Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft, EA and Apple are having conferences tomorrow, but since I don’t really care about games that much (and an extension of that, E3), I’ll be focusing on the Apple. Tomorrow is the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), and it’s been a tradition for Apple to give a keynote at the conference to introduce something. This year, even with making the keynote video available online during the event (to prevent tickets from selling out in two hours like last year, 12 hours like ’11 and 8 days in ’10. Which didn’t work, because it  sold out in less than 2 minutes). With the ousting of Scott Forstall and the subsequent promotion of Jony Ives, as well as the many rumors surrounding this event, there are many expectations and predictions surrounding this event.

First of all, it is almost certain that there will be a major redesign of iOS. Forstall was a proponent of the design style, “skeuomorphism,” the design style where graphics resemble their real-life counterparts. For example, the yellow background, brown top and lines in the Notes app, resembling a legal notepad. Ives is a proponent of a more flat design, eliminating those cues and making them much less glossy. While I hope that there will be other improvements than just visual, iOS 7 promises to be a more clean and uniform look.

Next up is the rumored iRadio. Apple reportedly got UMG, Warner and finally Sony to sign on for their service, so their launch is most likely very close to launch.

Next up are the Macs. Intel’s Haswell processors just launched, and it’s almost certain that there’ll be a relaunch with new processors, and with it, better graphics. Newer Macbook Airs are also expected as well as hardware with 802.11ac.

Continuing on: Mac OS X 10.9. It might have Siri, and should have better integration between mobile and Macs. It fact that this is a DEVELOPER’s conference indicates that there’ll probably be a preview for these DEVELOPERS.

Finally, iCloud. There has been many outages (especially recently) and usages issues with iCloud, and since Apple recently acquired eighteen of Maya System’s patents for “innovative axis-based user interface technology,” there’ll likely be a new way to interact with iCloud, and hopefully bring reliability improvements with it.

Get pumped for WWDC, because there’s less than 14 hours until the keynote.

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  1. John

    Nice article, Recently discovered this site. Love tech!

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