blog 1Upon seeing the title you must have thought of the hit song by Adele, well sorry but this is going to be even better. (yes better than Adele) The original drawing credits go to artist Tuen Hocks from the Netherlands but I came across this photo through, non other than, Facebook.

When taking a simple look at the photo we usually over look the fact that the owl the man is going to capture will eventually lead to his death, as the owl is the one holding the rope that is keeping the man afloat. At times I wonder what is the goal of capturing the owl, will it lead to him being able to achieve something? Will he gain personal satisfaction from it? In a sense it seems like the only goal of the man is to capture the owl as if he does not care about the ramifications of his actions. In a sense we as people can to relate to the man. At times we get so immersed in achieving our goals that we fail to look at the actions, in that they might have on not only ourselfs but others as well. If we are passionate about something we might feel that we don’t need to think about what we are doing and in our passion for achieving the goal we are only hurting ourselves. A further analysis of this statement allows us to reflect and think about the actions or paths we have taken and for what purpose. At times we might have made a life altering decision without even knowing that it could lead to a totally different outcome. I am in no way saying that all the actions we choose should be looked at and extrapolated to decide the pros and cons, but to just give little thought into making sure we are doing the right thing.

At times it may seem like we have no other option and that if we capture that owl we will surely fall, but the truth is that if that is the only option there is something that is pushing us towards that event. Perhaps to achieve what the man truly wanted he would have had to capture the owl, knowing that it would lead to his immediate failure. But as humans we are not able to visualize the entire moment. They say that life would be so good if you knew that you were in the best times of your life, but going back to this picture… we are unable to see outside the box (pun intended). Perhaps to meet success, the man will have to capture the owl because the only way for him to be successful would be for him to fall off of the rope.

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