Who will FitzGerald pick? It matters…

Cuyahoga County, Ohio Executive Ed FitzGerald, the de-facto Democratic Nominee for Governor, will have an important decision to make soon. The decision is who will his lieutenant governor be. It makes a difference.

The chatter has now picked up speed recently as Chief Political Reporter for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Henry Gomez, wrote an article for Cleveland.com about the options.  

I’d also like to make it known that I twitted Mr. Gomez about the situation back on the 9th of August: 

Whoever Executive FitzGerald picks makes a huge difference. FitzGerald is still relatively unknown outside the bubble of the Cleveland/Akron media market, so his running mate should probably reside from outside that area. FitzGerald has had his troubles wooing the powerful black leaders in Cuyahoga County and a huge base of the Democratic Party is black, so in order to get the base to the polls a black leader might be in his best interest. The women’s vote is also key. Many woman’s groups have came after Governor Kasich for his party’s recently budget that came after the right for a women to choose, so a female leader is something that FitzGerald should look to.

So who was on Henry Gomez’s short-list? Here’s the list:

Tracy Maxwell Heard: Currently the House Minority Leader, first black woman to be majority floor leader.
Eric Kearney: A black lawyer and founder of a chain of African-American newspapers in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, he has been Senate minority leader since 2012.
Alicia Reece: Former city councilwoman and vice mayor in Cincinnati, Reece now heads the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.
Lou Gentile: A white former Strickland aide, Gentile has earned several mentions from Statehouse insiders.
None of the above: There are always wild cards in the decision process. 

There are no stand out choices for FitzGerald, but he definitely has a lot to look at. This race will be huge for Ohio as we choice what direction we want our state to go in. The filing deadline for the May 2014 primary is Feb. 5, so FitzGerald will have to choose before then. It should be known that both former Governor Strickland and Governor Kasich announced in the weeks before the filing deadline.

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See Ya Soon!

ImageThis past week might be the best week I’ve had this summer, but it came with a bad side. I had a wonderful dinner at The Cabin Club in Westlake, OH on Thursday, August 8th with a group of people that became some of my best friends. This wasn’t just one of our ordinary get-togethers that we always had, it was special.

This group of friends was mostly resent high school graduates who were getting ready to go their separate ways from the people they saw Monday through Friday during each school year. For this reason, our last full get-together or “meetings” as we called them had to be at a special place like The Cabin Club. We dressed up in our Sunday best and met at this fine establishment and got ready for the beginning of the end of our summer together.

Finally, everyone arrived (some late as usual) for the dinner. We ate expensive food, laughed, and shared good times with good company, but we knew that our time together would end. After the dinner we drove ourselves to Crocker Park in Westlake to get cheesecake at where else, but The Cheesecake Factory. After the cheesecake was purchased we walked across the street to take a full group photo, so we could remember the night, in the future. We then drove to our friend Emerson’s house, who was no doubt the nucleus of the group, to reminisce about other times, both good and bad.

As midnight came and went I knew that I had to leave for the night. To those that I would not see again until December, I shook their hands and wished them luck. And, as I drove away I realized that this was not a goodbye, but a see ya soon sort of deal. These people weren’t leaving forever; they’re just entering into a new chapter in life. My senior year will be quite different. The people that made me laugh and smile will not be there, but I’ll have something to look forward to when they return in the winter. So, see ya soon guys!

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Google Chromecast: Cheap and Great

Does anyone remember the Nexus Q, an Apple TV competitor? It was $300 and while it had a cool orb-like design and speaker plugs, it was canceled before official launch because it had “too few features for the price.” Now, here comes the Google Chromecast. Unveiled on July 24, the Google Chromecast is a little dongle that you stick inside your TV’s HDMI port which lets you pull up videos and music from a variety of places. How much is this little dongle? $35 bucks. (Free shipping and no tax (in most states) through Amazon). For some of the newer TVs, the Chromecast can get power though the HDMI port, but for most others, you’ll need to run USB power to it, but compare that to a box like Apple TV or Roku!

While brand new, it comes with a couple services right off the bat. While it doesn’t have Amazon Instant, HBO Go, nor Hulu Plus (but it’s coming “soon”), it has Netfilx and Google Video services (like YouTube). While it doesn’t have live game streams nor music (Pandora is coming “soon” and it has Google Music), it has an open SDK so it’s a sure thing that many more things will be coming. One neat feature is that unlike Apple Airplay which streams content right from the device, you can use your phone to “stream” a Netflix show, but what the Chomecast will do is automatically grab the stream from Netflix itself, so you can do other things with your phone. That also saves on battery life! Your phone will also act as a remote for the stream.

Another nifty feature that’s still in beta is Chrome mirroring. By installing the Google Cast Extension, you can mirror any open Chrome tab to the Chromecast, allowing you to watch whatever you can do in Chrome, including stream local content.

Now, another thing that’s great about this is that it supports Android as well as iOS, and it supports Windows and Mac (and Chrome OS). Unlike Apple TV, which only supports iOS and OS X (unless you use unofficial third party programs).

While there are some negatives to the Chromecast, the thing’s only 35 bucks. With all of the other stuff it can do, it’s definitely worth the money (if you can get your hands on one. Very long shipping time).

Google Play / Amazon

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Men’s Fashion Tips

I promised I would include some insight/advice on Men’s fashion, and although I am no expert, I can guarantee any man out there that if you mimic the style of Alonso Mateo, you will be the most stylish man at work, at parties, and in the streets.  You may be asking yourself, “Who is Alonso Mateo?”  He is in fact a five-year-old Instagram megastar/fashion prodigy.  Read the story here:  http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/06/five-year-old-boy-whos-become-a-style-icon.html

Although it may seem that this tiny trendsetter is some sort of scoped out model or at least the child of some famous celebrities, he isn’t! Raised by a freelance stylist mom and a CEO father, he isn’t famous, but he definitely has the means to attain a plethora of tailored suits and designer clothing that scream “I paid more for this item of clothing than you do for your monthly rent,”  Although the average male may not be able to afford these designer brands, I do think this five-year-old is insanely innovative and can really inspire other men on how to dress.  Don’t be ashamed that you’re taking wardrobe advice from a five-year-old, this kid has more “swagger” than most A-list celebrities we see on the streets. According to his mom (follow her on Instagram @luisafere), she takes her son to stores such as  Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Nordstrom, H&M, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, and even Target.  Those first few may be totally out-of-budget, but Nordstrom, H&M, and Target are great stores for men’s apparel that have killer sales where you can obtain fashionable pieces on the average budget.   The mom also makes a great point in saying, “As long as it’s nice quality, I’ll take it,”  You don’t have to shop at Dior or Gucci to get great quality, there are plenty of other stores out there that offer great quality clothes in similar styles for better prices.  Some of my favorite stores for men include the above plus J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s (you can often find designer brands here for super cheap).

From now on, I think if you ever question your style on any given day you should think “What would Alonso Mateo wear?” take a glance at his mom’s Instagram to see what he in fact is wearing that day, then mimic the crap out of it.  However, if that is not plausible for you on said day, I will offer this minimal advice:  If all else fails, just wear a suit and interesting socks.  I’m just kidding, actually I’m not, a suit should be any man’s go-to but if that is also not a reality and you fear being scoffed at by badly dressed American youth, just wear whatever you feel confident in and wear it with a smile!  Some of my favorite men’s looks happen to be fairly simple:   a pair of fitted jeans, a loose cotton tee, and a nice pair of loafers or sneakers (I think men overlook how crucial a nice pair of shoes is to any outfit).  With a nice but minimal collection of cotton t-shirts, plaid (or any pattern) shirts, sweaters, v-necks, button-up dress shirts, corduroys, jeans, khakis, loafers, sneakers, and cool socks (check out Marshall’s line of Happy Socks, originally sold at J.Crew but at a fraction of the cost), I think you can pull off an unlimited amount of awesome looks.   Just please follow my one cardinal rule:  DO NOT wear pants so low that I can see your boxers and you look like you have an eternal wedgie and DO NOT wear Affliction tee-shirts with a silver chain, or just Affliction tees in general, or silver chains…  Bottom line is, whatever you wear, exude confidence and you’ll look like a million bucks.

Now, feast your eyes on some of my favorite looks of this five-year-old fashion icon below and get inspired!  Happy shopping! Leave any comments and questions below.

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{Cheap Chic} Fashion Haul.

As promised, I’ve decided to post  some of my favorite cheaply obtained items from stores mentioned in my previous post “Cheap Chic!” Check it out if you haven’t already!  I would’ve posted a bunch more pictures, as my closet is full of thrifty finds, however my OCD kicked in and I couldn’t bring myself to post pictures of wrinkly items (which basically encompasses every piece of clothing I own, ironing is hard, man).  Next time I’ll be a better person and will iron for your viewing pleasures! But I digress, bottom line, yet again, you can be fashionable for a fraction of the cost; frugal & fabulous is my motto!

image   (left)  At first, I was hesitant about getting this bright orange Limited leather jacket.  I usually     limit my bright colors to scarves and pants, but as soon as I tried it on and saw that it was a perfect fit I imagined all the different kinds of monochromatic outfits I could really make pop with this statement piece!  Originally priced at over $100, I just couldn’t pass it up!

image(right) Now this satchel from Urban Outfitters (my love in life, as you can probably tell by now) was one of my best steals; it’s great for those days when you don’t feel like lugging around your backpack and just need a notebook and a folder for class, it’s chic and effortless!

(left) This neon pink satchel is probably the most, grossly overused item in my closet; it’s my absolute favorite accessory that makes any outfit look ten times more awesome.  I can’t even count  how many strangers have stopped me in my tracks and have commented on this  bag (conversation starter)?

lalala   (right) Another grossly overused item in my closet is this French muscle tee–“Water, Spirit, Fire, Land, Air.”  I knew as soon as I had it in my possession that  I’d be wearing it 24/7 and lo and behold, I do (see picture at left). Oops, #repeatoutfitoffender image_8

(left)  I always keep my eye out for out of season items that go on mega clearance and that’s exactly how I got this adorable Urban Outfitters floral backpack that’s originally priced for over $80 for just $10 at the beginning of summer! Score.

(right) Another conversation starter happens to be these floral platform heels I got from Target, every time I wear them I get compliments and am asked where I got them from!  Target is one of my ultimate favorite places to get awesome, comfortable shoes for a really great price!

(middle) These Target wedges are another fabulous find–they were comfy enough for me to wear as I spent a whole day walking around New York City!


(left) I’m a huge fan of maxi skirts, and I’ve gotten my absolute favorite ones from a thrift store called Unique in Cleveland. Some, like this one, were a little too big, but nothing a little hemming couldn’t fix!  I love the pattern and am convinced I wouldn’t be able to find a similar one at any other retail store, and for this price too!


(right) Another awesome Kohl’s find, I loved the color of this LC Lauren Conrad chiffon top and the attached pearls gave it a cool, unique touch.  Whenever I feel the need to dress an outfit up, I just throw on this top and instantly feel classier and fancier.

(left) Although it’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, this loose black UO boyfriend blazer has chiffon paneling on the side which gives it a really cool touch.  I’d be ecstatic to get any blazer for just $10, but the fact that it’s also unique really makes it one of the best deals ever!

image_4 (right)  I am a pants fiend.  I own pants in every color and pattern imaginable.  Here’s a sneak peek into my part of my pants collection.  First are these ultra comfy LC Lauren Conrad polka dot jeans I got from Kohl’s for less than $10, image_3next are my floral pants I got from a store called Pitaya on Ohio State’s campus (check out their website at pitaya.com!).  They have awesome sales and I got this pair, plus the same pair in lilac, and solid neon lilac pants all for less than $35!  After that are the comfiest UO pants ever–and get this, they were only $5!  Need I say more?  Next up are probably my funkiest pairs of pants that I got from ASOS–yes, those indeed are butterflies all over those pants.  I love butterflies and I love pants so why not? Lastly, I got these Simply Vera by Vera Wang houndstooth corduroys from Kohl’s–the color scheme reminds me of Autumn, and for such a cheap price (<$10) I couldn’t pass them up!

(middle) Another beloved pair of Target wedges–I was able to spend the whole day walking around New York City in these (talk about ultra comfortable)!

And there you have it!  A sneak peek into my wardrobe and a look at some of my thriftiest finds! ‘Til
next time, ciao!

image_2 image_1
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